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UKHO AVCS Online has launched on HiFleet recently, shore stations can access to it with weekly update

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To meet the demand of our public users to access to the high-quality ECDIS, HiFleet was negotiating with UKHO and successfully verified as its global supplier of technical problem solution, and authorized to distribute UKHO AVCS Online via (app and website). 

AVCS Online is developed by UKHO for the consideration of supporting the shore stations for their convenience of maritime strategies management, for example, vessels tracking, voyage planning, incidents and accidents recording and alerting via an standardized electronic charts.


1. The chart information is of global standard

AVCS Online provides the chart service with the format of IHO S-52, aligns with the shipborne ECDIS of more than 16,000 dimensions of the official ENC charts.



2. The chart update is of more user-friendly

UKHO AVCS Online provides the chart service more time-efficient and user-friendly with weekly update. Users can view the latest corrections, preliminary notices, etc. in due time. Compared to other charts products, UKHO AVCS Online is of latest updates with more time-efficiency and accuracy.





3. Chart settings of more variety

Compared to the previously provided C-Map, UKHO AVCS Online synchronizes its settings with ECDIS so that the users can set the display layers, mode and elements selected, etc.





4. Easy to purchase online

Users can purchase and pay online via HilFeet to access UKHO AVCS Online. The targeted charts can be selected as required from OverviewGeneralCoastalApproachHarbourBerthing, with time period of 3 months, 6 months, 12 months as needed.



5. Easy to select the relevant charts as required for route planning

With the existing feature of route management, the Charts Selected function of UKHO AVCS Online will facilitate the users to view the charts list conform to the affected water areas along their planned route. The shore-based company can also check these selected charts as necessary.



6. Easy to verify for shore-based company as required

HiFleet provides weekly update C-Map all the time, with the recent adding of UKHO AVCS Online, any users can choose as their need. For a long time, HiFleet assists plenty of ship management companies to manage their vessels in a cost-efficient way and pass the ISM/NSM audit via the timely, accurate and standardized electronic charts online. With the recognition of affected maritime institutes, HiFleet can provide weekly update ECDIS to replace the paper charts for the relevant audits. HiFleet will provide relevant authorization letters or documents as needed for auditing.

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Good news.

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