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DTU AIS data playback videoes

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HiFleet Ship DTU is of shipborne intelligent data processing device. This product is capable of data acquisition, processing, computing of various shipborne data as well as data exchange via shipborne communication system and shore-based server. The most frequently function is highly welcomed that can provide the ship’s AIS position with the updated ones every second for the ocean-going vessels. Also the ships’ positions will be protected for the clients’ private use and check their ships’ real time status. The outstanding features are as follows:

  • Ship’s position control: updated every second, real-time position is confidential and only open to private use.
  • Data control: AIS data could be lower than 20 MB per day and adjustable as required.
  • Remote control: software management and updating online can be realized via remote control. No further maintenance is required.
  • Function extendible: The data of ships nearby can be traced back for effective management of ship’s safety as well as incident assessment; data acquisition of ships in operation can facilitate the realization of intelligent functions of variety.
  • Support multiple serial ports: 4G/5G,FBB,VSAT.

Hereafter are two videoes made with DTU AIS data.

Container vessel M.V. Hansheng 1258 was calling at Port Yangshan

Container vessel M.V. Huhuanyunhuo 3007 was sailing at Huangpu river,Shanghai

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