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Weather routing on board, OpenCPN or HIFLEET?

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Many captains are using the Grib2 plug-in of OpenCPN for weather routing onboard. Today, I will introduce how to use HIFLEET for weather routing onboard.


During the National Days, the HIFLEET team significantly upgraded the international bandwidth and computing server for downloading marine meteorological forecast data, increasing the update frequency of NOAA marine meteorological forecast data from twice a day to four times a day. After two weeks of observation since the upgrade, the service upgrade looked very stable and reliable.


The daily update time of NOAA marine meteorological forecast data on HIFLEET is about 0000,0600,1200 and 1800 (Beijing time).


The marine meteorological forecast data and typhoon forecast data we use come from different publishers, and the forecast time is also different. Therefore, the marine meteorological forecast and typhoon forecast sometimes cannot complete the matching and coincidence. At this time, the typhoon forecast can prevail - there are many typhoon observation methods, and the update time is fast. Generally, the difference between the two will decrease after the marine meteorological forecast data is updated.


HIFLEET already has many elements and functions that support ship weather routing, such as updated global charts, route upload, AIS positioning, route weather, trajectory weather, typhoon avoidance simulation, etc.


After this improvement, the route meteorological function of HIFLEET can better meet the needs of onboard navigation, which is simpler to use than open-source software such as OpenCPN (no need to download data in selected areas), and consumes less satellite traffic (download on demand, but also exclude format data), You are welcome to download our APP (search in each major application market with hifleet or HIFLEET) or open the HIFLEET webpage with the ship computer for weather navigation.


Please contact us to open a single ship account before use.

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